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I wrote a week ago about the wonders of ibuprofen making my swelling feel better. That is still true a week later. Unfortunately, despite feeling better, the swelling hasn’t gone down and today I found out why.

Unfortunately I have a DVT. The doctor in fracture clinic suspected this as soon as I mentioned the swelling and he saw the leg. An ultrasound a few hours later confirmed this suspicion. So I now have the pleasure of injecting myself with anti coagulant daily, until I go to a blood clinic where I’ll probably be put into tablets for at least 3 months.

On the positive side, my bone is healing well, and I can now fully weight bear. So, within reason (certainly no squats for a while) I can use my leg, rebuild muscle, work on mobilising it etc.

The before (on the right hand side, and this is actually 2 weeks after the fracture) and after x-rays show the repairing bone very clearly.

Even clearer are the two stainless steel pins and tension wire. I had previously been told that they might take the wire out after a year if it bothered me. Today’s doctor said that they would probably take them out in four months in a simple day procedure.