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Just over a week after my MRI I contacted the medical secretary for my results.  Dr Brain had said to me that I wouldn’t see him again unless there was a problem, so it wasn’t clear to me how a negative result would be communicated to me. On chasing, the secretary responded to say that a letter was in the post saying my results were normal. Great, so I awaited the letter with interest to see exactly what it would say.

The long-awaited letter was in fact a bit of a let down “I’m pleased to inform you that your EEG recording and MRI scan are both entirely normal”.  I should be pleased.  Better than having some rare and possibly incurable condition.  Somehow, it would have been nice to have some pictures or graphs, but I suppose there are times when “normal” is all that there is to be said.  And surely being “entirely” normal is something to be celebrated.

And I am now able to drive again, the DVLA have taken normal at face value and not conducted any further enquiries.  Though they have taken the opportunity to remind me that I need to wear my glasses when I drive and add this onto my licence.  I suppose someone who is “normal” rather than “exceptional” might forget to drive with their glasses.  Unlikely in my case, since I probably wouldn’t find the car without my glasses.