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There is a great article in today’s Guardian about the recent campaign for better cycle paths in Enfield – the so-called mini-Holland scheme.  This and the recent addition of an extra cycle lane (i.e. East-West to join the existing West-East one) on Tavistock Place seem to have become iconic battles in London.  The key battle being that many car drivers, particularly taxi drivers, cannot countenance increased provision for cycling at the expense of space for motorists.

One point that really resonates in this article is that children really value the independence that cycling gives them.  My driving ban means that I have been cycling the children to or from school most days, in all weathers and in the dark.  I asked my youngest (Max) on a horrible rainy day, as he was struggling up a hill, if he still preferred cycling to being driven to school.  The answer was a resounding yes.  And anyone who knows Max, knows that he says what he thinks rather than what he thinks you want to hear.