My Mum said I shouldn’t mock, and I guess she was right.

A few days after my consultation, my phone rang. “Hello, this is Dr Ian Gilchrist”. I guess he could sense my confusion, so he explained that he was Dr Brain (not in those words, obviously). He told me that he’d spoken to the Consultant and they’d decided it was worth doing a couple of extra tests: an EEG and an MRI. I shouldn’t have mocked the bangy thing. Now I’m going to get some high tech tests and data. I’ve pretty much concluded that my faint was “just one of those things” and “everyone is allowed one faint”, as the Doctor in A&E said. I think my faint was probably down to lack of sleep. However, I was briefly pleased to be called back for some tests.

Then the denouement. I’m not allowed to drive until I’m cleared. I can cycle but not drive. Now with two children to taxi around, that’s not going to be easy, particularly for my wife.