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I had an interesting chart over coffee after Saturday morning laps. I chatted to a guy who’s name I didn’t catch. Let’s be American and call him Jock.

Jock did track racing as a GB junior in his teens. He also rowed to a high standard at University. He’s only recently graduated, so I did point out that I was probably over twice his age, which he was far too well brought up to do anything other than politely acknowledge.

When Jock rowed they were told to measure their resting HR every morning. If it was raised by 5 they had to tell their coach and only do a half session. An elevation of 10 meant no training.

Given that, pending cardiologist visit, I’m expecting to find there is nothing wrong with me, the most likely cause of my faint seems to be lack of sleep. So I wonder if measuring HR would be an effective and simple way of guarding against a recurrence.