Unfortunately I typed most of this and then WordPress/my browser decided to lose it so I am now even more ranty and this will be briefer than the original version.

  1.  Why do London drivers think its OK to park in cycle lanes.  The pictures were taken on Friday morning on a short stretch of Prince Albert Road but could have been taken any morning over the past few weeks.



IMG_20150918_075652 IMG_20150918_075620 IMG_20150918_075556 IMG_20150918_075501

2.  Why do a lot of drivers think its OK to hoot at a slower moving cyclist, usually going up hill.  I don’t hoot at drivers slowing down for speed bumps.  One of the ironies is that the road is usually too narrow to overtake a cyclist because of all the parked cars.

3.  Cycling in London is so full of incidents or “near misses” as termed by the excellent Rachel Aldred.

Why did WordPress use my much more eloquent original post is another question entirely.