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A day of constant rain means that we haven’t yet been pedalling.

Rain doesn’t stop the Dutch cycling though. It seems as normal to cycle of get in the car. There was a mother and her two daughters ahead of me at the supermarket checkout. All smartly dressed. I was surprised to see them cycling home. Not a helmet in sight. And among the many cyclists, I only recall one drop handlebar bike and 2 helmets all day. Everywhere has bike stands, one with an integrated track pump. And bikes are not necessarily locked up and have panniers left on them.

Cyclists in Holland seem like normal people rather than members of a Lycra clad tribe. And there are bike lanes everywhere, separated where is space, at the side of the road where not: and then cars are clearly meant to stop if there are cars coming both ways and a bike as there wouldn’t be enough room otherwise.

Driving on a rural road, alongside a separated bike lane, we even noticed that the bike lane had a smoother tarmac than the road. Some contrast to the broken glass and dog shit that carpet London’s rare bike lanes.

If only it would stop raining …