My blood has been tested for a lot of things. I meant to photograph the list of tests but I know there were a lot of them. I had to fast for twelve hours which may not seem a big deal to you, and actually wasn’t in practice. However, for a man who never misses breakfast the anticipation was unpleasant.

My GP only identified one issue from the tests, and he didn’t think it had caused my faint.

I think he would have been content to leave it at that. However, I want to continue exercising and therefore find out why I fainted. So for him it became a question of whether to refer me to a cardiologist or a neurologist. I’d really like a specialist who could look at me holistically, but modern medicine has advanced beyond that. 

Saying that I’d had an ECG in A&E swung the balance in favour of the neurologist. It’s slightly worrying that the memory of a man in shock is more reliable than my medical notes, which the GP double checked to see there was no mention of the ECG. So I await an appointment with a neurologist at UCH.

What did the blood test reveal? That, in common with many people who’s skin is evolved for a sunnier climate, I have a vitamin D deficiency. So I have to take a high dose capsule once per week for the next 12 weeks.