There are many more interesting places to cycle within easy reach of North London than Regents Park.  However, there’s nowhere as convenient that you can fit into a busy day. In the time it takes to get to Potters Bar – the gateway to the lanes of Hertfordshire – and back from my house, I could have cycled 10 laps of Regent’s Park. Of course, there are fewer cars and far fewer Deadly Goods Vehicles.  While Hertfordshire is lovely, getting to it, through the Finchleys, Whetsone and Barnet is not.

So once tried, you return. Perhaps a few extra laps on the way to or from work. Training, exercise, rather than commuting. It’s the equivalent of a non-cyclist going to the gym. 

Then you start wondering about the best time to go. Then, you are truly lost, spiralling inevitably from initiation to addiction.