It’s 2 weeks and just over an hour after I fell, as I start this post. Ironically I’m on a bus following the route to Regent’s Park I took that morning. Guess which was the faster and more pleasant journey.

I’m anticipating my fracture clinic appointment this afternoon. Hopefully, some positive news and an instruction to move my arm before it freezes into the position the sling puts it in.

I’ve been here before.  My first visit to the fracture clinic was last Tuesday.  The  superintending nurse was so busy that it was about 10 minutes before she had the time to answer my enquiry on how long I might have to wait. I worried at the time that a nurse’s instinct is to reassure rather than be accurate. The clinic was so busy there wasn’t space to sit in the waiting area.  A nurse brought a chair from a consultation room for the boy with his leg in plaster.

After 2 hours, I was the last person in the waiting area.  I’d obviously long since got a seat and was starting to worry that I might have been forgotten so I shifted seats noisily and looked up imploringly.

Suddenly I was seen by the Registrar.  He wanted me to have an x-ray but knew the  radiographers would have gone home.  He explained that my fracture, being on the shoulder end of the collar bone, would be prone to displacing, so an x-ray was necessary.  You can only wonder why someone hasn’t decided to send patients for an x-ray while they are waiting, especially if its getting close to the time  for the radiographers to clock off.  With the nurses majoring in empathy, and Doctors busy learning big words for everyday things, I guess efficiency and organisation take a back seat in the NHS.

Today’s appointment is far earlier, so hopefully I can project management it to the right outcome. I only know what went wrong last week. The staff must know all sorts of things that could be improved. It shouldn’t be beyond the wit of management and the Doctors to use that knowledge.

By the way, I abandoned the bus for the tube eventually after the destination of the bus changed for the second time due to “heavy traffic in Central London”. There must be a better way to get around …