It’s pretty miserable and inconveniencing having a broken collarbone. Much is made of humans’ evolutionary advantage of having an opposing thumb. However, as I’m discovering, having two hands is more than twice as good as only having one.

Thankfully the Invention of velcro has solved the problem of tying shoelaces. With a lot of help from Debbie and some improvisation I’m managing most things. Eating an orange unaided is still beyond me. Thankfully, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

I obviously miss cycling. Especially in this gorgeous sunny weather. At least I will soon be able to watch le Tour without thinking I should be out on my bike instead.

However there are compensations. Debbie and I share taking the children to and from school. This is usually by car for speed and convenience. I can’t drive now. Fortunately the children can cycle. It’s very rewarding seeing their confidence improve as they cycle more regularly. They whizz ahead of me as I walk behind. They are also learning racecraft: sprinting for position ahead of the cobbled alleyway.