Just over a week ago, I remember coming to as I was being stretchered onto an ambulance, with little idea of what was going on.  Why I was I there, my recovery and quest to hopefully prevent this happening again will be the subject of future posts. For now I want to thank those who helped me in the immediate aftermath of falling off my bike as I was going round in circles in Regents Park.  As Wiggo recently said in an interview, cycling round Regents Park is no longer a solitary pursuit, and a fair number interrupted their cycling to help me.  Someone phoned an ambulance which thankfully arrived quickly.  I am told that people started marshalling the traffic around me.  Luckily Doctors also cycle, so within minutes I had 2 Doctors looking after me on the ground, keeping me talking and looking after me. Also, fending off the inevitable passing drunk who had his own opinions on my care. I was told yesterday that as they were carrying me into the ambulance, I remembered the most important thing and asked about my bike.  One of my cycling club leant over and said “don’t worry about your bike, it’s going on eBay later…”  Actually, they cycled it to one of their homes and I retrieved it at the weekend. Particular thanks go to Dr Pan (and no doubt others from RPR), Sam, Steffan and his Dad, Terry and Vic and others who’s names I do not know.